Saturday, February 16, 2013

Family Dinners

During our first four weeks, we are out of session, so we are on our own for all meals. Tuesdays we have a scheduled family dinner and last week we had a "Mennonite Dinner". These two ladies (Anna & Marti) greeted us for the dinner. The menu was traditional mennonite fare.

Then on Thursday, we were treated to a Valentines dinner (Marti was our hostess) - spagetti and cesar salad, one of my favourites. We even had a harpist (one of our volunteers from Manitoba), which the ladies thought was pretty romantic.


This morning we were out for breakfast to the Five Palms restaurant. There is usually a good whale show at this time of year, but no sightings today. The couple we are with are from Belleville, and they leave on the 26th.


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