Sunday, April 28, 2013

Homeward Bound

     Another term comes to an end on Tuesday. We finished work on Friday and have three days relaxation before we leave. It has been another wonderful experience and one of the highlights was learning more about the National seminars conducted in the various countries, particularly in Asia. Christianity is growing rapidly in some of these countries.

     This past week was a busy week for driving and I had five airport trips scheduled on Friday, but one did get cancelled. One of the trips was to the private jet airport to take the session sponsors, a wonderful couple from Michigan. It is always refreshing to meet wealthy people who are also humble. All except one of our participants have now left and he leaves this evening.


     Yesterday we rented a car and went exploring "upcountry". Marlene likes exploring new towns and yesterday she did Pa'ia, Ha'iku, and Makawao. It's surprising that as you get away from the crowds, prices remain the same. We watched some surfers along the way as well as taking in the views.


     Today we walked to church and tonight we are going out to dinner with another couple to a restaurant we have not been to previously.

     Wednesday was my final Rotary meeting for this visit. The picture shows me with the current President, a friend we met here at Haggai as he and his wife have done volunteer service.


Saturday, April 20, 2013

New Experience

     I had a new experience this week, in picking up sponsors from the "private jet" area of the airport. The sponsors are frequent donors, and they are here for the convocation of the two current session groups which happens next Thursday. They are an older couple and strike me as being very humble. The company that operates the private jet services treated us like royalty. Another part of the unique experience was driving out on the tarmac right to where they park the jet.

     We are down to one more week of work. We did look into coming home a couple days early but the change charge for our airline tickets was prohibitive. So leaving April 30th it will be.

     With our stay getting shorter, we were out to Gannon's again for breakfast today. It was a gorgeous morning weather wise, as you can see from the pictures.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


     I convinced myself that in order to travel more efficiently, I needed a tablet. Costco had a good deal on some Samsung models, and the sales tax here is much less than at home, so I made my purchase. Next I need to learn how to use the thing! I picked up a new faculty member on Thursday who is an Associate Vice President with Deloitte & Touche's IT Infrastructure in India (sorry Mike). He has agreed to help get me started.
     We were out again for breakfast yesterday, Gannon's were else, and as usual it was a georgous morning.
     On Wednesday there was no Rotary meeting at lunch, so Marlene and I went to a spot in Wailea that I have been eyeing for many years. It is also on the Wailea Golf & Country Club, it is Italian, and it was very good. My intention had been to take Marlene to Mulligan's were Rotary meets, but that would have entailed a lengthy walk. The weather has been quite humid this week, Manoli's was right at the bus stop, so an easy decision.

Sunday, April 07, 2013


     Each week at Rotary here they sell tickets for a draw for the silver marble. There is a bag with 50 marbles, one of which is silver. The first ticket drawn gets to try and pick the silver marble and a cash prize (usually donated back to the club) with a subsequent draw for a $5 gift certificate to Fred's, a popular breakfast spot. Well I won the consolation, so off to Fred's it was for breakfast yesterday, then a leisurely 3 mile walk home. Of course Marlene had a few shop stops on the way.

     Today we are going to a party at the home of Alma, one of the ladies who works in the dining room. We have known her since our first time here, but our first invite to her house. She will have two other ladies from the kitchen, so I'm sure no shortage of food.

     Our lovebird population keeps growing, we have counted up to eight on the tree outside our room, but the attached pictures only show six. The other two must have been hidden by a branch.


     Our time continues to go well, lots of airport trips and lots of stories from participants and faculty. We do miss the family, particularly events.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter

     This was a busy week with both Praise Night on Tuesday, and Convocation on Thursday.

     This weekend is arrival  & departures of participants, but because of my courier job, we didn't get scheduled to do any official greeting or goodbyes. So it did allow for another breakfast at Gannon's and the couple who we went with & pictured, are third timers here and from Calgary.

     Received a courier schedule for the next session, so I will be doing airport runs right up until we leave.

     Because of this week being the last of a session, we had a communion service on Friday and it really seemed appropriate being as it fell on Good Friday. The Director of Training who is from the Phillipines does a wonderful job of this service.

     Two pictures are of volunteers at Convocation - young looking aren't they?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lahaina & UpCountry

     Yesterday we went to Lahaina on the bus to do a birthday meal and some sightseeing. Lahaina is a fishing village and the original capital of the Hawaiian islands. Lahaina is also where most cruise ships come in plus many water trips for fishing, whale watching, snorkelling, etc leave from. So there is lots of activity. It was not a great day weatherwise, but that doesn't matter in the shops, does it? Nevertheless, we had a wonderful lunch with a terrific view (thanks daughters) and a relaxing day.

     Today seven of us went upcountry to visit a couple who live on the island, but who also volunteer here at Haggai, both in the office. Once again the weather left much to be desired, but this couple have a beautiful home located on a four acre lot. They like the location, both because of the views, but also because they can grow flowers similar to what they grew in Pennsylvannia where they originally lived.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Another Saturday

      Went to the airport last night to pick up a facility member from India and found the luggage, but no passenger. She missed her connection in L.A. I did learn that she was rebooked to arrive at noon today, and since I was scheduled for another pickup at 12:40 p.m., it was not out of my way to pick her up today. Interestingly, my scheduled pickup was also from India, but one travelled east around the world to get here, whereas the other travelled west. I am told the flying time is much shorter coming east, but the cost is more! Strange, but it must have something to do with demand. Needless to say the one who spent last night in the airport at L.A. was exhausted when she arrived.

      We were out for breakfast with a group this morning, but we walked to a local restaurant. Weather was damp and cool, so no scenery to enjoy.

      We have reached the midway point of our stay, and as usual time has gone quickly.

      A couple of pictures of the palm trees in our area. They are about six floors high, and I'm not sure how much the fellow is paid to trim off the coconuts, but no amount would be enough for me. It is required by law to trim these, so that the coconuts don't fall and kill someone.