Saturday, March 21, 2009

Week # 4

This week one of us had a birthday and we were treated to dinner by two daughters. They chose the restaurant, or gave a choice of two, they made a good choices and a place we went to we had not previously enjoyed. It was a nice treat.

I have started to do some courier driving which involves picking up and delivering people to the airport. These people are generally faculty who are coming here to teach. They are usually very interesting people, so the opportunity to chat for 20 minutes or so alone is a great opportunity. The airport is about 12 miles away, so not a cumbersome drive. Faculty usually stay about seven days. The drives are generally during the day, but they can be just about anytime. I will get to know the Maui airport well as late flights happen, but when you check the airline website, waiting times are reduced.

Our current session is heading into thier second week and while small, they seem like a great group. It is always fun to watch how the group develops.

Friday night was a pool dinner, and this picture shows Marlene, in blue, helping with setup. I was instructing from our lanai??


Anonymous Larry and Cecilia said...


May God bless you and keep you!

Larry and Cecilia

11:23 AM  
Anonymous Dana & Bruce said...

Happy Birthday Ralph!!!!
Sounds like things are going well there.

12:52 PM  

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