Sunday, February 24, 2013

Gannon's Again

Today after church, we went with three other volunteer couples to Gannon's for brunch. Our volunteer friends are from Oliver, BC; Winnipeg, MB; and Morden, MB. The food and company were good, and the views from this property are breathtaking. People who claim that Maui is overrated haven't been to Gannon's! The restaurant is part of the Wailea Golf & Country Club where green fees are $200, so it is upscale to say the least, but breakfast/brunch prices are very reasonable.

Yesterday Marlene and I were on call and on one of my tours around the building, I met Dion, our caterer, unloading supplies from his vehicle to reopen the dining room. He told me our first meal would probably be next Saturday evening, so that is very good news. The dining room, which has been closed since last Nov 1st, should be open for the remainder of our stay until we leave on April 30th.

Gasoline prices are increasing everywhere I understand, but I walked by a gas station today that was selling regular at $4.56, high enough no doubt, but premium was $4.64, only $0.08 more. That is appximately $0.02 per litre whereas I pay $0.12 more in Stratford (Tony, are you listening)?

We start receiving participants and faculty this coming weekend, which is always exciting. We expect 56 participants which is a very good sized group.


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