Saturday, March 09, 2013

And Now There are Four

We now we have as many as four budgies (??) resting in the palm tree outside our balcony. As you can see by the picture, one is quite yellow whereas the other three are more lime green. Marlene has started setting out feed for them, so we will soon have a messy lanai (balcony) as we all know what food produces!

We were out to Gannon's for breakfast again this morning, then an exploratory walk on the boardwalk by the ocean, and into the "Grand Wailea" hotel to look around. The Grand Wailea is considered the most exclusive of the island's high end hotels, unfortunately it has been under bankruptcy protection for approximately 2 1/2 years?, but was just sold as part of a package of high end hotels. It is a very exclusive property with rooms renting for up to $1,200 a night.

The couple in the centre of the group photo are 1st timers here at Haggai. They are corn farmers from Nebraska. Marlene and I have been fortunate to be their buddies, to answer any questions and make sure they fit in. It has been an easy task as they are a very nice couple. They will stay six weeks.

I have made seven courier trips to date, so the road to the airport is becoming quite familar again. Getting to meet the faculty is always a pleasure, particularly this week as one was from Trinidad and we remininced about my time there 45 years ago.

The bottom photo is from the rodside and what Marlene thinks is Maui in the raw, before development or landscaping.


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