Saturday, March 16, 2013

Another Saturday

      Went to the airport last night to pick up a facility member from India and found the luggage, but no passenger. She missed her connection in L.A. I did learn that she was rebooked to arrive at noon today, and since I was scheduled for another pickup at 12:40 p.m., it was not out of my way to pick her up today. Interestingly, my scheduled pickup was also from India, but one travelled east around the world to get here, whereas the other travelled west. I am told the flying time is much shorter coming east, but the cost is more! Strange, but it must have something to do with demand. Needless to say the one who spent last night in the airport at L.A. was exhausted when she arrived.

      We were out for breakfast with a group this morning, but we walked to a local restaurant. Weather was damp and cool, so no scenery to enjoy.

      We have reached the midway point of our stay, and as usual time has gone quickly.

      A couple of pictures of the palm trees in our area. They are about six floors high, and I'm not sure how much the fellow is paid to trim off the coconuts, but no amount would be enough for me. It is required by law to trim these, so that the coconuts don't fall and kill someone.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ralph and Marlene,
The pictures are great as always and we love the birds.
The restaurants look very nice and the coconuts should be reasonable as well.
Take care.
Cecilia and Larry

5:11 AM  

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