Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lahaina & UpCountry

     Yesterday we went to Lahaina on the bus to do a birthday meal and some sightseeing. Lahaina is a fishing village and the original capital of the Hawaiian islands. Lahaina is also where most cruise ships come in plus many water trips for fishing, whale watching, snorkelling, etc leave from. So there is lots of activity. It was not a great day weatherwise, but that doesn't matter in the shops, does it? Nevertheless, we had a wonderful lunch with a terrific view (thanks daughters) and a relaxing day.

     Today seven of us went upcountry to visit a couple who live on the island, but who also volunteer here at Haggai, both in the office. Once again the weather left much to be desired, but this couple have a beautiful home located on a four acre lot. They like the location, both because of the views, but also because they can grow flowers similar to what they grew in Pennsylvannia where they originally lived.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy birthday - looks like a nice dinner. glad you enjoyed it!

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