Sunday, April 07, 2013


     Each week at Rotary here they sell tickets for a draw for the silver marble. There is a bag with 50 marbles, one of which is silver. The first ticket drawn gets to try and pick the silver marble and a cash prize (usually donated back to the club) with a subsequent draw for a $5 gift certificate to Fred's, a popular breakfast spot. Well I won the consolation, so off to Fred's it was for breakfast yesterday, then a leisurely 3 mile walk home. Of course Marlene had a few shop stops on the way.

     Today we are going to a party at the home of Alma, one of the ladies who works in the dining room. We have known her since our first time here, but our first invite to her house. She will have two other ladies from the kitchen, so I'm sure no shortage of food.

     Our lovebird population keeps growing, we have counted up to eight on the tree outside our room, but the attached pictures only show six. The other two must have been hidden by a branch.


     Our time continues to go well, lots of airport trips and lots of stories from participants and faculty. We do miss the family, particularly events.


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