Sunday, April 14, 2013


     I convinced myself that in order to travel more efficiently, I needed a tablet. Costco had a good deal on some Samsung models, and the sales tax here is much less than at home, so I made my purchase. Next I need to learn how to use the thing! I picked up a new faculty member on Thursday who is an Associate Vice President with Deloitte & Touche's IT Infrastructure in India (sorry Mike). He has agreed to help get me started.
     We were out again for breakfast yesterday, Gannon's were else, and as usual it was a georgous morning.
     On Wednesday there was no Rotary meeting at lunch, so Marlene and I went to a spot in Wailea that I have been eyeing for many years. It is also on the Wailea Golf & Country Club, it is Italian, and it was very good. My intention had been to take Marlene to Mulligan's were Rotary meets, but that would have entailed a lengthy walk. The weather has been quite humid this week, Manoli's was right at the bus stop, so an easy decision.


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