Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter

     This was a busy week with both Praise Night on Tuesday, and Convocation on Thursday.

     This weekend is arrival  & departures of participants, but because of my courier job, we didn't get scheduled to do any official greeting or goodbyes. So it did allow for another breakfast at Gannon's and the couple who we went with & pictured, are third timers here and from Calgary.

     Received a courier schedule for the next session, so I will be doing airport runs right up until we leave.

     Because of this week being the last of a session, we had a communion service on Friday and it really seemed appropriate being as it fell on Good Friday. The Director of Training who is from the Phillipines does a wonderful job of this service.

     Two pictures are of volunteers at Convocation - young looking aren't they?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lahaina & UpCountry

     Yesterday we went to Lahaina on the bus to do a birthday meal and some sightseeing. Lahaina is a fishing village and the original capital of the Hawaiian islands. Lahaina is also where most cruise ships come in plus many water trips for fishing, whale watching, snorkelling, etc leave from. So there is lots of activity. It was not a great day weatherwise, but that doesn't matter in the shops, does it? Nevertheless, we had a wonderful lunch with a terrific view (thanks daughters) and a relaxing day.

     Today seven of us went upcountry to visit a couple who live on the island, but who also volunteer here at Haggai, both in the office. Once again the weather left much to be desired, but this couple have a beautiful home located on a four acre lot. They like the location, both because of the views, but also because they can grow flowers similar to what they grew in Pennsylvannia where they originally lived.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Another Saturday

      Went to the airport last night to pick up a facility member from India and found the luggage, but no passenger. She missed her connection in L.A. I did learn that she was rebooked to arrive at noon today, and since I was scheduled for another pickup at 12:40 p.m., it was not out of my way to pick her up today. Interestingly, my scheduled pickup was also from India, but one travelled east around the world to get here, whereas the other travelled west. I am told the flying time is much shorter coming east, but the cost is more! Strange, but it must have something to do with demand. Needless to say the one who spent last night in the airport at L.A. was exhausted when she arrived.

      We were out for breakfast with a group this morning, but we walked to a local restaurant. Weather was damp and cool, so no scenery to enjoy.

      We have reached the midway point of our stay, and as usual time has gone quickly.

      A couple of pictures of the palm trees in our area. They are about six floors high, and I'm not sure how much the fellow is paid to trim off the coconuts, but no amount would be enough for me. It is required by law to trim these, so that the coconuts don't fall and kill someone.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

And Now There are Four

We now we have as many as four budgies (??) resting in the palm tree outside our balcony. As you can see by the picture, one is quite yellow whereas the other three are more lime green. Marlene has started setting out feed for them, so we will soon have a messy lanai (balcony) as we all know what food produces!

We were out to Gannon's for breakfast again this morning, then an exploratory walk on the boardwalk by the ocean, and into the "Grand Wailea" hotel to look around. The Grand Wailea is considered the most exclusive of the island's high end hotels, unfortunately it has been under bankruptcy protection for approximately 2 1/2 years?, but was just sold as part of a package of high end hotels. It is a very exclusive property with rooms renting for up to $1,200 a night.

The couple in the centre of the group photo are 1st timers here at Haggai. They are corn farmers from Nebraska. Marlene and I have been fortunate to be their buddies, to answer any questions and make sure they fit in. It has been an easy task as they are a very nice couple. They will stay six weeks.

I have made seven courier trips to date, so the road to the airport is becoming quite familar again. Getting to meet the faculty is always a pleasure, particularly this week as one was from Trinidad and we remininced about my time there 45 years ago.

The bottom photo is from the rodside and what Marlene thinks is Maui in the raw, before development or landscaping.

Sunday, March 03, 2013


This weekend we have arrivals, but the participants who we were assigned to greet (four) all came last evening. So today is a lazy day, other than being out to church this morning.

We have attended Hope Chapel the last three Sundays and the messages have all been superb. Hope is an independent congregation started in 1985. They moved into a new facility about five years ago and weekly attendance is 1300/1400. Music is very contemporary and messages are very Bible based. The church is close-by and we can walk if necesary.

We have some birds resting in a tree just off our lanai (balcony), which really resemble budgies. We have seen up to three at one time and they are very colourful. Marlene thinks she will have them eating out of her hand in no time, but I have my doubts.

Yesterday morning we jumped on the bus and went to Kahului, or should I say Ross' Department store which specialized in ladies wear. Marlene shopped to her hearts content and came home exhausted. The pictues are of some of the mountains surrounding Kahului.

Our dining room re-opened last night, so life is good.