Friday, December 08, 2006

Final Post #2

To-day is pack up day - say goodbyes - and off to the airport. We have a late flight (11:25pm) so we lose a night of sleep. We get to Toronto @ 3:45pm to-morrow!

Saying goodbyes is the biggest negative of a term at Haggai, but the arrivals and departures are a part of the process. The last session before Christmas wound up last night and 26 participants left at 4:45am this morning, so the facility is emptying.

I did another Rotary makeup this morning along with one of the Haggai participants from Brazil, who I think I had mentioned before. Ezequiel is an attorney back home. The club we visited is up the mountain going to the Haleackala volcano, so therefore the name " Maui Upcountry". Many people here live upcountry because temperatures can be 5/10 degrees fehrenhiet lower. Most livestock operations are located there.
So that's it for this time.

Monday, December 04, 2006


Well we had quite a trip to the big city - at least for us people from quiet little Maui. We had thought Maui had become quite crowded and busy since our first trip here in 1971. A trip to Honolulu gives you a new appreciation for quiet little Maui.
We flew over Saturday morning and came home late yesterday afternoon. Besides the football game we went shopping at the Alla Moana SC (third largest in USA) , had a nice dinner at a Thai restaurant, and did a "Duck Tour" of the City and Pearl Harbour (remember Boston Katrina?).
The football game was good, but as you can see from the scoreboard, the wrong result for the locals. The game was a sellout and they are a noisey bunch of fans. Start time was delayed to 7:00pm for ESPN television coverage, so the fans had lots of opportunity to tailgate.
Our hotel was in Waikiki, on the 35th floor, but lots of tall buildings around us. Good view of the ocean and DiamondHead in the distance.
Pearl Harbour is interesting, but moreso for Americans.
So it was a good trip and we (I am) were glad we did it!