Friday, September 16, 2005

Background To Volunteering at the Haggai Institute

We became aware of this opportunity a couple of years ago through a neighbour in Chatham, whose daughter's in-laws, the Jensens, had participated. We applied immediately, but because of the popularity of the destination, we kept getting, "sorry, better luck next time" letters. It is run on a lottery concept since they get many more applications than they can use. In any event, they finally phoned last June to say they could use us October/November/December,2005. Marlene suggested we would prefer Jan - March, but it would have been back in the hat with 84 other couple's names. So we accepted their offer.

The Haggai Institute in Maui is a training facility to advance the skills of qualified Christian leaders to more effectively evangelize their own people, and then train others to do the same. Haggai has an extensive website which we have as a link to this blog.

We leave October 1st and will get home December 22nd. Marlene will do "housekeeping" and Ralph will do "maintenance" at the 220 room facility, near Kihei on the southwest side of the island. Originally we were to return December 30th, however airline tickets are quite expensive during the holidays. Maui has six Rotary Clubs and there is also a NCAA college football team in Honolulu (??). So there may be an opportunity for extra curricular activities.

Needless to say we are excited by the opportunity this experience will offer.